Sunday, January 13, 2019

Too much citrus? Dehydrate!

What to do with four trays of lemons, limes, Meyer lemons, blood oranges, pink grapefruit- all sliced thinly and looking great?  Dried citrus fruit if perfect for infusing water, tea or adding to many savoury dishes, roast chicken.  Or, grind the dried fruit into a powder.  How about mixing the ground fruit with sea salt for a special citrus salt?

It should take about 10 hours to dehydrate.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

Mandarin Orange Curd- It's all about the citrus

I love my Kitchenaid Precise heat mixing bowl.  While it is working heating and stirring my curd mixture, I am sitting in the living room blogging away happily.  Perfect!

Mandarin orange curd
 I had quite a few aging mandarin oranges needing to be useful- time to make a curd.  I juiced the mandarins and zesting and juiced one lemon to add more flavour.  The results were delicious.

To make 1 1/2 liters.

Meyer Lemon Olive Oil Confit

Another successful Kitchenaid precise heat mixing bowl project!  I program the temperature and the time and it does the rest admirably.

Meyer lemon confit
These lemons are perfect for adding lemony goodness to savoury dishes- pot roast, roast chicken, couscous, stews, - the sky is the limit.  Use as you would preserved lemons.

This recipe was inspired by Marisa McClennan's.  I added fresh turmeric and black and pink peppercorns to my version.

To make 2 500 ml jars.