Sunday, February 11, 2018

Jeon- Korean pancakes- this one is vegetarian

My first taste of a traditional Korean pancake was in a little Korean restaurant in Kelowna BC.  The Korean owners prepared their traditional dishes and were always ready with samples.  Delicious. Their jeon were made with shrimp and vegetables.

Jeon is easy to make.  You can include whatever vegetables you have on hand.  It is worthwhile making the dipping sauce, spicy or not, to serve alongside.  Can be served as an appie, a side dish or a main.

Thank you to Bren at for the inspiration for this dish.

Korean jeon served with a spicy dipping sauce and homemade kimchi.  

This recipe serves four.

Chickpea and Tahini Burgers

I am always looking for great vegetarian burger ideas.  This chickpea burger hits all the high notes- low fat, healthy ingredients and lots of room to play.  They are delicious served in a pita, slathered with spicy yogourt.

Makes eight burgers.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Korean Dak Kaiguksu- Chicken noodle soup

The Olympic Games are on tv and I am craving Korean food.  Thanks to a really informative Korean website called Korean Bapsand, I have a chicken simmering on the stove and a house that smells heavenly!  Hyosun Ro provides lots of information and some nice pics.

I am making this for friends and looking forward to their comments.  I couldn't find fresh Korean noodles.  Luckily Hyosun provides a recipe.  If you can make Italian pasta, Korean noodles should be just as easy.  Especially if you have a KitchenAid paster roller on your countertop.  And they will taste so much better than store bought.

You can be creative with the vegetables you garnish the soup with... check out the Asian produce section at the store.  T&T, in Ottawa, carries an amazing variety of Asian produce.

Homemade noodles and an amazing broth!

This recipe will serve 4-5 generously.

Korean BBQ Chicken

My ode to the PyeongChang Olympics- Korean BBQ Chicken!  Actually, I will confess that I actually baked it in the oven.  I promise to make this dish again in the summer when I can roll out the BBQ.

The main ingredient in the Barbecue sauce is gochujang.  A korean chili sauce that is sweet, spicy and thick.  Finding it was a bit of a mission.  T&T is the best place for finding any Asian ingredient you could ever wish for.  T&T on the eve of Chinese New Year is a crazy, amazing, "happening" place.  Despite the crowds, finding ingredients with names I can't pronounce was easy- the staff know their stuff and will gladly lead you to the right shelf.

Be sure to wander over to the produce section: Asian vegetables and fruits to discover.  Brought home lotus root (you will not find this at Farm Boy) to add to the Korean soup I am also making.  A lesser known ingredient for my guests to sample.

This recipe makes about four portions.