Monday, May 17, 2021


Tiramisu, a classic, delicious Italian dessert is easy to make and a perfect end to that fancy dinner.  Be sure to use the best quality ingredients- there are few, and they need to be great.

I like to use "build" my tiramisu in small dishes or containers- even canning jars.  They can be frozen individually and they prevent me from eating way too much at a time- you know, "just trimming the edges." 

To make approximately six to eight servings.

Black Bean Burgers

With BBQ season here, it's nice to have a few vegetarian burger recipes to choose from.  These burgers taste every bit as good as meat burgers and can be so much healthier.  Better still, you can customize to your taste and there as no additives, preservatives, etc.

To make four large or eight small burgers.

Thai Yellow Curry Paste

I love having curry pastes frozen and ready to use from my freezer.  All homemade so I can adjust and personalize the heat, etc.  This recipe is based on one I found on a website- Hot Pepper Madness. com.  I have certainly made a few great curries using my version of this paste. 

Traditional Rhubarb Relish (with riff)

This is my first rhubarb relish.  I planted rhubarb in my garden a couple of years ago and finally this year have enough to make at least two batches of preserves, more to come in a few weeks.  I didn't grow up eating rhubarb, that very tart fruit and honestly, it doesn't look very appetizing in the canning pot- kind of grey.  My friend Barb, the rhubarb connaisseur assures me the tart flavour of rhubarb is there, it's just not very pretty.

Soooo, I used the recipe from the Time Life Preserving  book as the base for the first batch, then made the second batch my way :-).

Rhubarb Relish - one traditional
and one lemon and hot pepper

To make approx. six 250 ml jars