Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Coconut Crusted Crab Cakes- I Love Crab Cakes!

The basic recipe for this crab cake originates in a great little book entitled: "I Love Crab Cakes".  It features dozens of  crab cake and related recipes.

This particular crab cake incorporates the great flavours of fresh ginger and coconut with the crab meat.  I'm going "Thai" by adding lemongrass, fish sauce and Thai peppers.

This recipe makes eight large crab cakes.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

They're Messy but Oh Soooo Good! Eggplant Cannelloni

My sister Elyse in Ottawa, requested gluten free recipes. She and partner Mike are accomplished creative  foodies. These eggplant cannelloni are worth the effort.  Bonus - they are gluten free and vegetarian.    Hey Sista! this one's for you!

Make a large batch of these eggplant cannelloni and freeze for later.  
To serve 6...

Viva Mexico! Chicken Tortilla Soup

You're cooking with lime juice, chile peppers and garlic- all great foods to keep you healthy. OlĂ©!  Even better, feel free to sprinkle on cubed avocado and/or baked tortilla strips for added flavour.

This soup begins with great homemade Mexican chicken stock- that's your foundation.  Add chicken meat, a little heat from chile peppers and other good for you ingredients and you have the makings of a great soup, perfect for a cool, rainy day.

Chicken Tortilla Soup garnished with avocado, tortilla chips and salsa.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's about the Challenge... thanks Oranj Dance!

I saw the light when I turned fifty!  OK, so I'm a late "fitness bloomer"... Good healthy food is important, but so is a great, healthy and fit body... And, I've discovered it's never too late...  Since "hitting the gym", I've learned that: I have stores of will power just waiting to be called on for that extra push up or squat (and stores of fat, just waiting to melt away :-) ); I can keep my commitment to get fitter and feel good about it; I will celebrate my "baby fat" because I've earned it, but I will work hard to shrink it;and, I will celebrate my fitness accomplishments!

Oranj Dance and Fitness Studio

I'm Rolling.... Shrimp Cannelloni...

This weekend is all about cannelloni... with a twist, actually many twists... the first one is a shrimp cannelloni. Begin with a homemade marinara sauce,  add a white wine and tomato sauce for the shrimp, and a tasty ricotta cheese/spinach mix to complete the shrimp filling.  Put it all together for an amazing cannelloni dinner.

Shrimp Cannelloni ready for the oven.
This recipe will serve 6 to 8.