Sunday, April 1, 2018

Eggplant Parmesan- baked not fried- sooo good!

I love eggplant!  I really love eggplant parmesan... breaded eggplant slices, baked in the oven and cooked in a homemade marinara sauce, layered with assorted cheeses.  So good!

I make extra breaded slices of eggplant, freeze them, ready for a quick dinner.  Just add sauce and I am ready to go.

Eggplant parmesan, ready for the freezer, or ready for the oven .

This recipes serves 6-8.

White Bean, Kale and Roasted Vegetable Soup

This soup hit all my high notes: beans, kale and a medley of vegetables.  Lots of flavour and so easy to pull together.

I began with a recipe from and made it my own.  Half the batch I keep in the fridge and the other half is frozen in 500ml canning jars.  There are perfect for bringing to the office for lunch.  Or, for a quick, delicious supper.

White bean, kale and roasted vegetable soup.

Serves 3-4