Sunday, October 14, 2012

Support Okanagan Farmers! Buy Local!

The Kelowna Farmers and Crafters Market has been going strong since 1995.  It's one of the biggest in British Columbia, attracting producers from throughout the Okanagan.  Open Wednesday and Saturday mornings, it's perfect for eating local and in season!

There's something for everyone at the Market. Shoppers rub elbows with local chefs and tourists from all over. More than half the stalls offer up fresh, local produce and an opportunity to get to know our farmers.  Or you can also bring home prepared foods.  Choose from homemade samosas, Aussie pies, Asian dumplings and dishes, breads and cakes, cookies, preserves... or locally made soaps, jewelry, metal sculptures for the lawn, hand crafted wood furniture, clothing.  - it's all there!

This year has been a good one for our local producers and it shows.

The garlic from Skye Farm in Lumby was plentiful, fresh and enticing.  Once you've cooked with local garlic you'll never again buy the poor quality, dried out, imported supermarket offerings.  Never!

When I lived in Ottawa, I always looked forward to the annual Garlic Festival featuring all things garlic.  What an education and an eye opener!  Since then, every October I buy my supply of fresh local garlic for winter- this year I chose Purple Russian- a couple of pounds- loose.  You can also splurge on a garlic braid to hang in your kitchen.  Go ahead, try out the different varieties- hard neck or soft neck.

White potato, purple potato, red potato!  Big potato, fingerling potato- they're all available at Sweet Life Farms in Vernon.  Lois and John Cox offer up a great selection of spuds, perfect for my weekend soup pot!

They are a long time fixture at the Market and their produce is in great demand...

Soooo... Come to the Market, see what's fresh, plan your weekly menu.    

I've decided on a roasted squash and pear soup with garlic and chipotle peppers...


  1. I just love your Blog , it's full of great recipes for this time of the year and great local market news and full on idea's , comfort food .... There's nothing like something simmering on the stove ... remindes me of my mother kitchen ! Maybe I'll visit Kelowna one day and meet with you !

    1. Hi there!
      Thanks for the feedback. If there's anything you want to know about Kelowna, just ask! It's a great place to visit.