Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's about the Challenge... thanks Oranj Dance!

I saw the light when I turned fifty!  OK, so I'm a late "fitness bloomer"... Good healthy food is important, but so is a great, healthy and fit body... And, I've discovered it's never too late...  Since "hitting the gym", I've learned that: I have stores of will power just waiting to be called on for that extra push up or squat (and stores of fat, just waiting to melt away :-) ); I can keep my commitment to get fitter and feel good about it; I will celebrate my "baby fat" because I've earned it, but I will work hard to shrink it;and, I will celebrate my fitness accomplishments!

Oranj Dance and Fitness Studio

Oranj Dance and Fitness Studio is my special Kelowna place to joyfully "boogy" and work at my fitness goals.  The classes are varied and provide just enough challenge and, most importantly, the instructors are pros, enthusiastic and encouraging... The studios and work out rooms are bright (except when we practice yoga by candlelight- ummm), clean and the place radiates positive vibes... 

Boot camp studio- my eternal challenge.  I will
master all the equipment...
My favourite classes: spinning (oh my, I never thought I would ever say that!), Pilates (always a welcome challenge), Boot Camp (who would have thought, I'd be saying thank you for the "push" and the sweat!) and Yoga (I WILL one day manage to stretch like that!). 

The Juice Bar- refueling after that challenging workout.
What keeps me going back?  my clothes fit better, my bathroom scale is now my friend :-), I have balance, sweat is no longer a bad word, I've discovered muscles I didn't know existed, and I just feel so much better!

Soooo, take it from me, it's never too late to start on the road to fitness...  Thank you Sheila, Krista, Michelle, Laura, Chisa, Holly and the whole of the team... for showing the way.

Check out Oranj's  website for more information on this special place. 

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