Monday, June 16, 2014

The Top Ten Healthy Foods Menu for the June 2014 IDG Cottage Lunch.

Our International Dinner Group is meeting at Wilma's cottage this weekend.  The theme is healthy ingredients- the Top Ten.  You know, there are so many Top Ten lists, with many different top ten components.  So, our list was a blending of three.
Louise is stirring the pot.

Our menu:

Salmon Cakes- appie size (Joanne)

Margaret's Healthy Hummus and Pita

Wilma's Yam and Sweet Onion Soup

Gisela's Steamed Broccoli Salad :
Gisela choice of ingredients was healthy and very tasty! 

Louise's Rice and Peas

Yucatan Chicken (Carmen) :  
Carmen made this recipe her own by substituting butternut squash for the chayote, with great success.  Her words of advise: make the chicken the day before you serve it to let the flavours blend together.  Everyone at the IDG loved it!

Flourless Chocolate Cake (Fran├žoise)

Fresh watermelon (Marvel)

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