Thursday, July 9, 2015

Preserved Lemons- Beautiful Things!

Preserved lemons are unique and absolutely a must for many Moroccan dishes.  Try out this recipe and  you'll never want to be without these again.  Remember to decrease the salt you add to your dishes, until you have an opportunity to taste after you've added the preserved  lemon.

How to describe them?  Preserved lemons will impart intense lemon flavour; the flesh is soft and translucent, the pulp is jamlike.  And the jars looks great on the counter!

Makes about 2 litres

12    whole, unblemished, organic lemons, scrubbed
Sea salt  (approx. 4 tablespoons)
Fresh lemon juice as needed

Pat the lemons dry.  Cut a thin slice from both ends of the lemons.  Cut each lemon three-quarters of the way through into quarters lengthwise.  They should remain attached at the bottom.  Fill each cut up lemon with sea salt and place carefully into the sterilized jar.  Keep adding lemons, pressing them down gently until no space is left and the lemons are covered by lemon juice.  If needed, add fresh lemon juice.  You can add a weight to keep the lemons under the liquid.  Seal the jar and set aside in the kitchen.

The lemons will be ready to use when the rind is translucent and soft/tender.  This should take about four to six weeks.  When they reach this point, store in the refrigerator for the next six months or longer.

When you need a punch of lemon, reach into the jar, remove one of your lemons, rinse the rind lightly and discard the seeds.  Cut out the pulp (you can add separately to your dish), slice the rind thinly, add to your favourite dishes and especially Moroccan ones!

** if mold forms, you could remove it with a clean utensil.  I remove the old mold and a little extra to make sure I get it all.  Mold usually occurs when the lemon is not completely covered and it comes in contact with air.  Always be sure the lemons are completely covered with lemon juice.

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