Sunday, January 27, 2013

Even Two Year Olds Can Cook- Aaliyah's Egg Salad

Aaliyah with her Egg Salad!  It was so fun!
 I travelled from Kelowna to Ottawa recently to visit Aaliyah, my wonderful, beautiful two and a half year old granddaughter.  I am blessed!

Healthy eating is so important, I'm so proud to see how varied Aaliyah's diet is.  She and her mama and papa must be spending time in the kitchen together, because this kid knows "stuff"!  Thank you mama and papa!

I'm now on the lookout for kid friendly recipes to share with my budding chef!  Our mission one morning was to cook an egg salad for breakfast.  Aaliyah was a great sous chef- she cracked and peeled the boiled eggs and was a master egg decorator!  This recipe looks good, tasted great and is kid friendly.

To serve four.
4     large eggs, boiled, peeled and cut in halved lengthwise
1/2  cup grated carrots (hair)
2     large pitted green or black olives, sliced (eyes)
1     green onion, peeled and sliced thinly (nose)
1/2  red pepper, cut into thin slivers (mouth)

Place the egg halves in the middle of the plate.  Place the grated carrot at the top of the egg- that's the hair.  Place the sliced olives on the "face", for the eyes, followed by a slice of green onion, for the nose, and a sliver of red pepper, for the mouth.

Sharing her eggs with dad!

Now, that's an egg salad, Aaliyah style!

So proud of her creation!

You could add a pasta bowtie.  Or, place thousand island salad dressing in a squeeze bottle and outline a body below the egg.

If Aaliyah doesn't become a chef maybe she'll be a dancer!


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