Friday, May 16, 2014

Menu- That's Italian!

The International Dinner Group (IDG) has been meeting bi-monthly to share great food and even greater company for about twenty years.  Everyone takes a turn hosting the evening- the hostess picks the theme for the evening and the rest of the gang volunteer to bring a dish.  Some of us love to cook and all of us love to eat, laugh and share our stories. 

Most everyone has worked at the Royal College in Ottawa over these many years, most are now retired but we still share that unconditional friendship and camaraderie that is so precious...

I am honoured to share our menus and our recipes!

April 2014- Italian Dinner at Joanne's

Our menu:
Bruschetta- traditional tomato and basil; blue cheese and toasted walnut; roasted peppers

Chicken Cacciatore  (Marvel)

Pasta Putanesca (Joanne)

Gisela's amazing Spring salad with honeyed nuts

Louise's Tiramisu

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